Energy Technologies, Inc. is an electronics, technology, and alternative energy manufacturing company that serves enterprise-level companies, governments, and large NGOs.

ETI had a network of 50 websites, and while that approach previously was a useful SEO strategy, as algorithms changed became less effective, and costly to maintain. As search engines began to favor sites with more content and domain authority ETI became increasingly difficult to find online.

Despite these challenges switching costs were a concern. What if a new site structure negatively impacted incoming leads?


We knew that ETI had valuable information that their customers and prospects wanted and needed across their network of sites, but Google just wasn’t serving it to them anymore. So we recommended a comprehensive central site with their customers and prospects in mind. The information they need could be organized in the ways they would ultimately look for it and we tied their request a quote for to their CRM so leads would be in salespeople’s hands instantly.


  • Website Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO Strategy
  • On-page SEO
  • CRM Integration


With a careful analysis of the traffic and usage of the existing sites, an understanding of Google’s current algorithm, and collaborating with the sales team we crafted a strategy to reconfigure the site network with a central main authority site and the remaining sites serving as topical brand sites linking back to the authority site.

Leveraging a combination of technical on-page SEO, content strategy, and off-page tactics helped position ETI better for their clients and the current search algorithms. Now it’s easier for prospects and clients to find the information they need and that not only makes for a better customer experience, but is the exact user behavior Google is looking for as well.


The site now ranks #1 on Google for the solutions their clients are looking for.
The strategy has created a predictable pipeline of inbound leads that is 400% higher than the industry average.

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