Lunch n’ Launch Secret Cohort

Shh…don’t tell anyone yet, I created this just for my friends (and if I expand it to more people I’ll probably charge more for “strangers”.)

This a shared learning experience to help people with new and/or early-stage creative pursuits to launch their new venture. We’ll meet once a week on Thursdays at noon to learn sales, marketing, and startup skills while supporting one another in the launch of new ventures.

There is a minimum 3-month commitment because there is no such thing as overnight success, and part of the journey to launch something is the learning process. I’m here to help, and so are your fellow cohort members. I’ve priced this at far less than the usual cost of a website and added cool stuff like the support and structure that most new ventures need, as well as some simple tools that will help with your marketing efforts.

All cohort members will receive:

  • a basic website design and hosting (e-commerce websites are an additional $29.99/mo)
  • a basic logo and brand identity sheet
  • email marketing software
  • access to the Tog Loft studios
  • weekly group coaching
  • a supportive cohort of creative entrepreneurs
  • monthly individual coaching

Group expectations:

  • assume everything is a trade secret, so don’t share your fellow cohort member’s “secret sauce” (basically keep things confidential)
  • you’re here not just to learn, but to help one another succeed
  • you understand that to succeed you’ll have to do your homework

*some additional charges may apply depending on feature set etc.