6 Reasons why you don’t need a professional web designer

On May 28, 2019

There are lots of ways to build websites

Gone are the days when you had to hire a web designer or developer to build a website. There are more options than ever when you decide to build or re-design a website. With so many low cost, free, and DIY options why bother hiring an agency?

Six reasons NOT to hire a professional web designer

1. You don’t care if people find your website.

“Just having a website means customers will find it, right?” Well, not exactly. With well over a billion websites in the world your website will be a needle in a haystack without the right technology backing up that site. Reputable agencies have trained professionals, technology, and tools to build websites that search engines like Google can find. 

2. Communication is overrated.

“Our business is built on word of mouth, websites are impersonal anyway.” Actually customers today expect your business website to not only provide basic information about your business, but also to be a tool they can use to communicate with you. If your website doesn’t make it easier to do business with you then your competitor is just a click away.


3. Growing your business isn’t important at this time.

“We’re happy with things just as they are.” Even a business that isn’t in a growth phase can’t afford to fall behind. What customers want and need is changing and how customers choose to interact with (or not interact with) your brand means your business has to stay current to keep the customers you already have. And besides, who doesn’t want to grow?

4. Who cares what your customers want?

“I know what they need, that’s what matters.” Today customers have more choices than ever. In order to secure and retain loyal customers your website has to be built with them in mind. Your website should be designed to anticipate your customers needs and make it easy to do business with you.

5. It doesn’t matter if people understand what your business does.

“All people really care about is product and price.” Actually people want to know whythey should buy from you, not just what you sell and what it costs. Your website needs to be more than a brochure, it should be the hub of all your marketing. 


6. You don’t want people to visit your business.

“Everyone has the yellow pages.” Really? Actually, not so much anymore. If people want to call or visit the first place they will go is the internet. Without a proper website you basically don’t exist.


Of course you could hire a pro…

Odds are you care about you business and your customers, and if that’s the case, why not find a trusted professional to build a website that really works? Great websites are marketing machines built with search engine optimization and user experience built into the website so you get more traffic, leads, and sales.

Lou Graziani
Whether working on his comic, illustrating a Rastafarian banana, or coding a complex e-commerce site his real obsession is visual storytelling.

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